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Individual Rights Vs. National Security - 868 Words

I negate the resolution, Resolved: When the United States is engaged in military conflict, national security ought to supercede conflicting claims of individual rights. My value for the round is Human Dignity, or what can be defined as a respect for the individual and his or her rights and virtues. John Stuart Mill states that Everyone who receive the protection of society owes a return for the benefit... but not to the point that it violates constituted rights. Thus those rights which are the fundamentals of human dignity must be maintained. No fundamental goal should ever undermine this fundamental goal. The criteria which must consistently achieve is the maintenance of a legitimate government, or a govt. that maximizes the rights of†¦show more content†¦Finally, security loses its worth if not accompanied by rights. Benjamin Franklin states that Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither liberty or safety Without Libe rty, Security is purposeless. The entire purpose of national security is to protect the American way of life and what our nationShow MoreRelatedIndividual Privacy vs. National Security: A Report628 Words   |  3 PagesIndividual Privacy vs National Security In liberal-democratic societies, the right to individual privacy is among the core components of the democratic system. The right to privacy is enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and is a part of value systems Americans are proud of and cherish. Concepts related to privacy touch on freedom, trust, the right to be left alone, obedience, and free will (Michael Michael, 2006, p. 360). The privacy needs of citizens, however, can be fully metRead MoreTraditional Security vs Human Security1349 Words   |  6 PagesTRADITIONAL SECURITY VS HUMAN SECURITY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS INSTRUCTOR: SURAT HORACHAIKUL 12/13/2012 TRADITIONAL SECURITY VS HUMAN SECURITY 2012 Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION ..................................................................................................................................... 2 2. TRADITIONAL SECURITY VS HUMAN SECURITY .................................................................................... 3 2.1. TRADITIONAL SECURITY ........Read MoreThe Security Of Our Nation1359 Words   |  6 Pagesour nation was established, security was not an issue. The towns then were little and almost everyone knew their fellow neighbors and what was going on. The security of the individual is an essential right. Without protection, the vote based framework that we know would not exist. Protection is one of the central qualities on which our nation was established. There are special cases to the protection of our rights that are made by the requirement for resistance and security. In every country, the needRead MoreThe Security Vs. Privacy1537 Words   |  7 Pages1. At stake are two forces representing a critical dilemma of the post-2001 world: security vs. privacy. Fighting for security, the FBI is seeking â€Å"backdoor† access to the iPhone in question that was used by one of the two suspects in the San Bernardino shooting in December 2015. Defending privacy is Apple, Inc., designer and marketer of the Apple iPhone. The two suspects under investigation are linked with known terrorist groups, possibly ISIS, with definitive proof of these links locked away inRead MoreThe Role Of The Supreme Court Plays On The Policymaking Process Essay1356 Words   |  6 PagesCompare and contrast Judicial Activism and Judicial Restraint. Explain 5 Amendments in the Bill of Rights. How does a society balance possible contradictions and inconsistencies with respect to national security, and the rights of the individual? Discuss some of the conflicts, issues and prob lems that arose during the Civil Right s movement in the 1950 s and 1960 s, as well as current Civil Rights issues. The Supreme Court is the highest level of the federal court system. It consists of nine justicesRead MoreEssay about Individual Privacy vs. National Security1039 Words   |  5 PagesIndividual Privacy vs. National Security Antonio Ewings ENG 122 English Compositions 2 Instructor: Sarah McDonald January 16, 2012 Individual Privacy vs. National Security Individual privacy is basically the exposure of a person’s limitations to the open public. There are different perspectives in different scenarios on a person’s individual privacy. Every human has a right to their own privacy. Some people scream more than others on how much privacy they actually have. In a perfect worldRead MoreApple s : A Fool s Mission1269 Words   |  6 PagesiPhones before refusing to hack into terrorist’s device. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/apple-unlocked-70-iphones-refusal-article-1.2536178 2. San Bernardino shooting http://www.cnn.com/specials/san-bernardino-shooting 3. Government Calls Apple’s iPhone Arguments in San Bernardino Case a ‘Diversion’ http://www.wired.com/2016/03/government-calls-apples-iphone-arguments-san-bernardino-case-diversion/ 4. FBI vs. Apple: A fool’s mission http://www.cdapress.com/news/local_news/article_e78f27a8-0dc2-529c-843e-8e8c42104a5eRead MoreThe Importance Of Personal Information And How People Feel About It1613 Words   |  7 Pagesinformations can lead to serious consequences. Individuals and organizations can use other people’s personal informations without their allowances, which can be harmful to the livelihoods of these people. For example, identity thefts use others’ credit cards to cause personal financial loss. It is important to have control and protect personal informations Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2015 was to protect privacy and sensitive personal information against security breaches, frauds, and misuse of personalRead More Gun Control in America Essay1426 Words   |  6 PagesGun Control in America The American Constitution and the Bill of Rights are amazing documents in their wording. Its writers showed astonishing foresight in some ways, and understanding that they could not accurately predict the future in others. These documents grant specific and vague powers to different departments of the Federal Government. The wording allows for changes to be made in its content and interpretation. One example of all these qualities, is the Second Amendment, and its interpretationRead MoreEssay on Smart Profiling is More Effective Than Racial Profiling1252 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica has a long history of perpetrating great injustices against minority groups during wartime. The author of â€Å"Freedom vs. Security† and chief Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria traces these acts of racial profiling all the way back to 1790 during the French-American War (Zakaria 308). Such injustices are usually â€Å"overreactions to a limited threat† (Zakaria 309). Zakaria identifies the cu rrent mistreatment of Middle Eastern-Muslims within the United States as a similar overreaction (Zakaria 309)

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What Causes Water Pollution in Our Rivers

About one-third of the nation’s rivers and streams are routinely assessed for water quality by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Out of the 1 million miles of streams examined, over half had waters considered impaired. A stream is categorized as impaired when it cannot fulfill at least one of its uses, which include a variety of functions like fish protection propagation, recreation, and public water supply. Here are the 3 most significant causes of stream and river pollution, in order of importance: Bacteria. Contamination of water by certain types of bacteria is certainly a human health issue, as we are particularly susceptible to disease-causing gut bacteria. Beach safety is routinely monitored through coliform bacteria counts. Coliform bacteria inhabit the gut of animals and are a good indicator of fecal contamination. When there is a high count of coliform bacteria, the odds are high that the water also contains microorganism that can make us sick. Gut bacteria contamination can come from municipal sewage treatment plants that overflow during heavy rain events, or from leaky septic tank systems. Abundant animals near the water, for example, ducks, geese, gulls, or cattle, can also result in bacterial contamination.Sediment.  Fine-grained particles like silt and clay may occur naturally in the environment but when they enter streams in large quantity, they become a serious pollution problem. Sediments come from the many ways soil can be eroded on land and carried into strea ms. Common causes of erosion are road construction, building construction, deforestation, and agricultural activities. Anytime there is a significant removal of the natural vegetation, the potential for erosion exists. In the United States, vast farm fields are left barren much of the year, and as a result rain and melting snow wash away soil into streams and rivers. In streams, sediments block sunlight and thus impede the growth of aquatic plants. Silt can smother the gravel beds necessary for fish to lay eggs. Sediments that remain suspended in the water are eventually carried off into coastal zones, where they affect marine life.Nutrients. Nutrient pollution occurs when excess nitrogen and phosphorus make their way into a stream or river. These elements are then picked up by algae, allowing them to grow rapidly to the detriment of the aquatic ecosystem. Overabundant algae blooms can lead to toxin build-up, oxygen level drops, fish kills, and poor conditions for recreation. Nutrie nt pollution and the subsequent algae blooms are to blame for Toledo’s drinking water shortage in the summer of 2014. Nitrogen and phosphorus pollution comes from inefficient sewage treatment systems, and from a common practice in large-scale farms: synthetic fertilizers are often applied in fields at greater concentrations than the crops can use, and the excess winds up in streams. Concentrated livestock operations (for example, dairy farms or cattle feedlots) lead to large accumulations of manure, with nutrient runoff difficult to manage. Not surprisingly, the most widespread source of stream pollution is reported by the EPA to be agriculture. Other important sources of problems are atmospheric deposition (usually air pollution that is brought into streams with rainfall), and the presence of dams, reservoirs, stream channels, and other engineered structures. Sources: EPA. 2015. Water Quality Assessment and TMDL Information. National Summary of State Information. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Control of Water Pollution from Agriculture.

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Social and Legal Obstacles of Gay and Lesbian Parenting...

Social and Legal Obstacles of Gay and Lesbian Parenting In the last decade there has been a rise in the number of lesbians and gay men forming their own families. Many do this through adoption, foster care, artificial insemination, and other means. Today, researchers have estimated that the number of children living with one gay or lesbian parent is six to fourteen million. Some have described this current period as a lesbian and gay â€Å"baby boom†. However, lesbian and gay parents face many social and legal obstacles (Lambda Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 1997). In the past, most gay and lesbian parents lived secretive and protective lives. Not only did gay parents have to face his or her coming out issues and separation from†¦show more content†¦A few states, which rely on the myths and stereotypes, have uses one’s sexual orientation to deny custody, adoption, visitation and foster care. For example, Florida and New Hampshire have laws that forbid lesbians and gay men from adopting children. Some instances have shown how one’s sexual orientation is used to their disadvantage, such as in Sharon Bottom’s case. â€Å"In a notorious 1993 decision, a court in Virginia took away Sharon Bottom’s two-year old son simply because of her sexual orientation, and transferred custody to the boy’s maternal grandmother. And Arkansas has just adopted a policy prohibiting lesbians, gay men, and those who live with them, from serving as foster parents† (American Civil Liberties Union, 1999, p.1). Issues of parenting are not the only difficulties that gay and lesbian parents face. Others include the right to a legal marriage, which enables them to have the same rights and laws as opposite-sex couples. The Netherlands became the first to issue legal marriage to same-sex couples on April 1, 2001. These marriage licenses are only offered to its legal citizens and residents. No other state or country in the world allows same-sex marriages. Although many churches marry same- sex couples, ceremonial marriages provide no civil laws and carry no legal benefits or responsibilities. Same-sex couples are considered to be legal strangers, thus, Federal laws regarding marriage doesShow MoreRelatedEssay on LGBTQ Youth: The Endless Strife1362 Words   |  6 Pagesthe 2002 Regional Listening Forum for LGBTQ youth: I realized that being gay is not my problem. It’s their problem. I see it as a social disease. I try not to get involved in negative communities. But I do try to teach them. I’d rather teach them than ignore them. Otherwise, the ignorance will continue and nothing will ever be done about it. (380) Ignorance is the root of nearly all tribulations surrounding the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning community. Education is a way toRead MoreGay Marriage Essay1431 Words   |  6 PagesThe issue of gay marriage has been stirring controversy among the nation for some years. Previously considered a taboo subject and only discussed within the gay community, the issue of gay marriage has made it to the forefront of national headlines. Many states are currently allowing the issue to be decided on by the voters. However, the gay community still faces some obstacles in their fight for equality. While the issue of gay marriages is gaining more acceptances, homosexual couples who chooseRead MoreThe Marriage Of Same Sex Marriage941 Words   |  4 Pagesfollowed, with the Netherlands notably being the first to grant equal status of same-sex marriages to opposite-sex marriages. Studies of openly gay Marriages during the Sixties and Seventies showed just as much longevity and stability among same-sex couples as their heterosexual counterparts, except same-sex couples were terminally shackled by social prejudice, legal disadvantages, and economic discrimination. Until recently the direct causal relationship between married and unmarried couples could notRead MoreEssay on Same Sex Couples Adoption Rights2243 Words   |  9 Pagesmany children who need loving parents to deny one group of people adoption rights (eQuality, 2005). A child will benefit from a healthy, loving home, whether the parents are gay or not (eQuality, 2005). With that statement in 2008 from the individual who holds the most powerful authority in the United States, why are gay and lesbian couples today still battling adoption laws? When in fact while trying to adopt and raise children a couple’s sexual orientation should not be a factor. Homosexuals shouldRead MoreShould Gay Marriage Be Allowed?2234 Words   |  9 Pages Should Gays and Lesbians be allowed to raise children? Same Sex marriage has really come out of the darkness and into society’s spotlight. It has increasingly become one of the most controversial issues in the United State of America and around the world. The public opinion varies by race, gender, class, culture, religion and in the political arena. Perhaps there have been positive shifts in attitudes towards gay marriages. This paper I will go through the impact of marital, family statue, andRead MoreBlack Lesbian And Gay Families7002 Words   |  29 Pagesarticle will discuss the available research on Black lesbian and gay families, highlighting both the strengths and challenges these families negotiate. Focusing on the resources Black lesbian and gay families provide to the Black community, such as foster parenting and adopting Black children, mentoring runaway and throwaway Black youth and leadership on Black social justice issues, this article will demonstrate the value of Black lesbian gay families towards the larger goa l of strengthening allRead MoreThe Transition Of Becoming A Parent1682 Words   |  7 PagesThe transition to becoming a parent is an extremely difficult and overwhelming time for each and every family, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. However, gay and lesbian families happen to have certain unique challenges that heterosexual couples do not necessarily experience along with the stressors that come with parenthood. As time goes on, there is an increase in the number of same sex couples starting a family. This may be due to legislation changes, medical advancement, or the increaseRead MoreSame Sex Marriages Should Be Allowed: Research and Analysis3234 Words   |  13 Pagesand/or same genetic sex is known as gay marriage or same-sex marriage. The supporters particularly refer the possibility to perform a marriage of the same sex or lawful appreciation of marriages of the same sex as equal marriage or marriage equality. The same-sex marriage has been the main focus of the debate over the definition of marriage since the era of early 90s. With regards to homosexuality changes, the issue of homosexuality has emerged as the social and legal environment in the case of interracialRead MoreGay Marriage Research Paper1852 Words   |  8 PagesGettysburg Address, the 14th Amendment, and in the Constitution’s guarantees of equal protection and equal dignity before the law cannot stand idle while this wrong continues. Any prohibitions on same-sex marriage, whatsoever, are entirely discriminatory. Gay rights are civil rights and all Americans should have the right to marry the person of their choice, regardless of their sexual orientation. Thus, same-sex marriage should be legalized in the United States. Sadly but moreover shamefully, theRead MoreGay Parents Become Gay As Well Essay2833 Words   |  12 PagesTeniendo Dos Papas Y Dos Mamas No Me Hace Homosexual. Children with gay parents become gay as well. In disagreement with this statement stating that it is not true, because having two same sex parents does not turn one gay. Other on the other hand may agree with this statement. Having their religious beliefs as a backup, but they don’t see that we have proof that this is all a made up lie. Having so much progress on the movement with gay rights, there is still one issue that needs to be addressed. Having

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Learning Objective Identify A Business Problem - 997 Words

Learning Objective: Identify a business problem, develop hypotheses, collect and analyze data, and report on recommendations resulting from that data. Prior to taking 610, several of my EMU master’s classes required using mainly qualitative research to analyze, diagnose and determine interventions. We designed some surveys, maybe gathered basic numeric data, but analyzed it rather simplistically. Our 610 project incorporated into our research method an empirical study based on a scientific approach incorporating statistics. We were able to arrive at our conclusions and recommendations with more vigor. By combining statistical analysis, we could more confidently support our findings and make recommendations with both quantitative and†¦show more content†¦Also, the researcher must be able to obtain the trust of the subjects in order to acquire good data. Researchers must be trained in conducting ethical research, and be sensitive to subjects, especially when probing them personally, or observing on the job. A researcher should also be experienced with organizing and analyzing data as this can be a challenging process. The researcher must know how to build reliability and validity into the process. For example, if more than one interviewer is used, are there controls in place to ensure consistency of questioning, and to reduce bias? Is everyone involved using consistent methods to document data? Is everyone involved using consistent methods to analyze information? These are just a few examples of challenges in ensuring reliability and consistency. Some of the advantages of qualitative data are that it does allow for in-depth study of subjects, and researchers can probe for more information. However, qualitative research can be quite costly due to the intensive labor required. It is challenging to obtain large enough sample sizes to represent a population. Also, it is very difficult to analyze qualitative data and use statistical methods to analyze it. Without statistical methods and analysis, it is also more challenging to analyze patterns or correlations in the data. Quantitative research is relatively inexpensive, and is less labor and time expensive to gather the data. It is a more formal and objective

Antigone Character Analysis - 1422 Words

Antigone, the final play in a series including Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, discusses the ideas of leadership, family, and choices. It features two central characters: Antigone, a girl who chooses to illegally bury her brother, and Creon, a king who decrees the burial of the brother to be illegal. Upon the first encounter of the text, it appears that Antigone is the â€Å"hero† of the play, but on further analysis, one realizes that the tragic hero, as defined by Aristotle, is actually Creon. The idea of a tragic hero involves several factors. One such factor is the hamartia or tragic flaw of the character. Creon and Antigone are similar in this factor because they share a similar flaw in the play: stubbornness. Antigone refuses to listen to her†¦show more content†¦Along with the idea of hamartia comes the idea of anagnorisis, or recognition. This is a key part of defining the tragic hero, and only Creon comes upon more knowledge. Antigone, however, dies in a similar st ate to how she began the play. She is still stubborn and learns nothing about right and wrong beyond what she claimed to know, â€Å"the wise will know my choice was right† (Sophocles 224.904). Even her choice to take her own life instead of waiting to die shows her stubbornness because she would rather die at her own hand than by that of another person, in this case, Creon. He, however, has the chance to learn from the series of events and change his view of the world. After his son and wife die as a result of Antigone’s death, he finally acknowledges â€Å"the doom he brought on himself† (Sophocles 236.1260). Prior to his kin’s deaths, he learns that what he has done is wrong and goes to release Antigone, only to find her dead with his son dead also next to her, â€Å"I can fight necessity no more† (Sophocles 231.1106). Creon’s learning and changing because of this statement is a reason why he is the tragic hero of the play; his stubbornness caused the fall, and he subsequently was forced to learn a lesson. This ending to the play helps develop the catharsis that both the audience and characters feel after the events have occurred. The idea of the play raising â€Å"emotions of pityShow MoreRelatedCharacter Analysis Of Antigone1533 Words   |  7 Pagesplay centers around a young girl, Antigone, that is determined t o bury her wronged brother even though it will end in her imminent death. Creon, the king, has deemed it illegal for anyone to bury Antigone’s brother’s body, even though it is the female family member s duty given by the gods to perform the burial. Antigone stuck to her oath to bury her brother and is caught by Creon and sentenced to death. One of the main themes in this play is family. Each character s ending will be tragic due toRead MoreAntigone Character Analysis1468 Words   |  6 PagesIn the play of Antigone, Sophicles creates a plot that I believe playfully would make viewers sympathetic of the protagonist Antigone. At the beginning of the play, viewers obviously were very sympathetic to Antigone. All she wanted to do was bury her dead brother, and Kreon made it illegal to do such a deed. However, as the play went on, I gained more and more insight on Kreon and my opinion changed. Although Antigone sacrificed her life for what she believed was right, I sympat hize more with KreonRead MoreAntigone Character Analysis1071 Words   |  5 PagesSophocles’s Antigone depicts the struggle between two different characters with their own struggles, doubts, and beliefs. The play opens with the eponymous character lamenting a terrible situation to her sister Ismene. Their brothers Eteocles and Polyneices fought over the throne and killed each other in battle. Creon, their uncle, has forbade anyone to bury Polyneices, since he is considered a traitor to the city of Thebes. As the king, Creon holds the authority of the state above family ties, refusingRead MoreAntigone Character Analysis1122 Words   |  5 PagesAntigone is a Greek play that features a heroine that shows courage and righteousness. This is an interesting play that I believe I would enjoy having the ability to direct. The possibilities that this play can become I think would be very entertaining and meaningful to explore. If I were to direct this play I would want it to communicate that courage comes in many forms and that following one’s beliefs and morals against oppressors is one of the most courageous things that one can do. I would alsoRead MoreAntigone Character Analysis927 Words   |  4 PagesThis theme comes to life in Sophocles’ Antigone, as he illustrates the internal and external struggles of complex characters. The play follows Antigone, a young rebellious girl betrothed to the king’s son. Haemon, prince of Thebes, finds his loyalty caught between his father’s legalistic ways and Antigone’s,   which stem from emotion. In Antigone, Haemon reveals himself as a tragic hero through his struggle between obedience to his father and his love for Antigone. His struggle reveals how obedienceRead MoreAntigone Character Analysis916 Words   |  4 PagesSophocles’ play Antigone, my initial impression of Creon was that his beliefs of the law and the state were rational because of his role as a ruler. But as the play progressed, I began to disagree with his behavior and his values because he only focused on his own moral beliefs rather than considering the beliefs of other people, which could have resolved conflict. Throughout the play, the theme of authority of the state and religion is represented through the individual beliefs of Antigone and Creon.Read MoreAntigone Character Analysis Essay603 Words   |  3 PagesIn Antigone, Antigone braves through all of her hardships and decisions with her morals and set of values. She dies with pride and no regret for she died because she acted doing what was morally right. Many Greek writers disagree with these traits that Sophocles has given her but it is appropriate because she needed these traits to show defiance and be able to stand up for what is right. Antigone is a tragic heroine who believes in her duty to her family and is willing to sacrifice allRead MoreCreon And Antigone Character Analysis1538 Words   |  7 PagesThe characters Creon and Antigone, from Sophocles’ Antigone, act as cautionary figures for the audience as they warn against the intense belief in and dedication to a single perspective, as doing so leads to a certain lack of malleability that is detrimental to maintaining a fully functioning society. The onlookers of this play, the Athenian people, come to naturally notice the benefits of remaining within the middle ground between beliefs such as those that Creon and Antigone stood for. The unfortunateRead MoreThe Character Analysis Of Eteocless Antigone740 Words   |  3 Pages The play Antigone, based in 441 B.C. in Thebes, Greece, told a tale about a fictional family. At the commencement of the play, main character Antigone and her sister, Ismene, travel to Thebes. Upon arrival, the two discover that both of their brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, are dead. Eteocles has been given the p roper burial, but Creon, Antigone’s uncle who had just attained the throne, banned the burial of Polyneices, because he deemed him to be a traitor. Antigone believed that this was unfairRead MoreCharacter Analysis of Antigone and Creon in William Shakespeare ´s Antigone1144 Words   |  5 PagesAntigone and Creon, the two displayed tragic figures of Antigone, both led themselves to their demise because of their love for themselves and the hate they both share for one another. Antigone’s proven love is of the afterlife while her hate is for her uncle and king, Creon. Creon may share the love of himself, however, it is not quite the same as Antigone’s love. Creon loves to rule the city of Thebes and hate’s Antigone, which is very odd for both characters because they are family. Sophocles

My ojt Experince free essay sample

Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel Restaurant Company Profile The Agua Frio Garden Resort is organized as a stock corporation duty registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2004. It has acquired all governmental permits and licenses to include accreditation from various institutions as a place that generates services in the fields of hotel and restaurant, functions for weddings, baptism, birthdays, seminars both line-in and live-out of up to 300 guests at any given time, swimming resort and just a place to spend past times and leisure’s. The Company Vision and Mission Statement The Vision Statement â€Å"We see a community where Leisure is valued as moment for which man appreciates the beauty of creation while staying at the Agua Frio Garden Resort† The vision herein refers to the Management’s concept of what they expect to happen within the next three years. While it envisions the full use of its facilities, it also marked the appreciation for the beauty of creation by the people while staying at site. This directly addresses environmental concerns as this is the only way that the beauty and holiness of creation is retained in-spite of the utilization of the land, air, and water for purposes of economic objectives maintained by the organization. The vision moreover suggests for a meaningful stay at the resort both on the points of view of the customers and the owners of the company. Leisure then is real pleasure in appreciating developmental initiatives caused by them and the customers who shall have made the land a model. The Corporate Mission To provide a pure affordable leisure service to its clientele at any given time, all the time The mission statement denotes an enjoyable stay be it for business purposes or leisure. The services of the resort will always be provided right to its growing customers emphasizing a touch of beauty borne by the hard work of the people behind it. It will always be worth the time spent at the most affordable exchange while making it a witness of all those treasured moments even those made and felt only once in a life time. The Culture and Beliefs â€Å"We listen† The Agua Frio Garden Resort is known for its value which is to listen. The people using its facilities and all others that will be using the same are its primary concern. It values much when and how they like the services given. It gets feedback directly and evaluates to be able to give better, faster, and efficient services most desired at its simplest form. The Company’s punch line â€Å"Venue for Great Events† While the company listens, it makes its services more fitting to the calls of time. Its customers then feel the ambiance of the things that they like, the manner that they want, and the procedures that they sought for. The company then expresses a great relief from the gesture of goodwill of its clients. This then follows a punch line that surfaced out of the culture, the beliefs, and values as a result of these. Thus, it will read, â€Å"Venue for Great Events†. II. Reflection III. OJT Experience I had my OJT practicum at Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel Restaurant. When I started my OJT at Agua Frio everybody was busy with the. My supervisor told me and my fellow interns we were just in the nick of time because they needed more assistance for the planning of the event. For the first week of my OJT, we weren’t given that much heavy tasks. We were first tasked to do orientation. As the weeks progress, our tasks were getting heavier and heavier like catering services as waiter sometimes as dishwashers housekeeper as days passed away my fellow interns seems tired or never showed cause its Christmas vacation but me even am tired still there until December 31 was complete my 214 hours OJT Practicum I was happy I became more responsible about regulations and follow every standard they have. I reminded myself that Im not here to be lazy, but Im here to prove myself I have an edge in this industry. I have realized that being punctual is more  important than being industrious. I really enjoyed my stay there and I hope I get to work with them again. I gained more friends and learned something new from my experience. III. Assessment of the OJT Practicum Program A. New knowledge, attitudes and skills acquired New knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired Catering Operation Job roles and outcomes This qualification provides a p athway to work in various catering settings such as hospitals and aged care facilities, sporting and entertainment venues, hotel banqueting departments, cook–chill production kitchens and mobile catering businesses of varying size Possible job titles include: †¢ catering assistant †¢ cook †¢ Food service assistant. Employability Skills Communication Interpreting food preparation lists and discussing with colleagues and supervisors to determine the operational requirements of the food production period; interpreting verbal and written information about recipes, food items and customer requirements to ensure quality products; negotiating acceptable solutions to operational problems in the kitchen and customer feedback. Teamwork Working as a skilled team member to deliver the quality food production and service goals of the business; taking responsibility for own role in kitchen operations; working collaboratively as a team member by giving and receiving instructions and providing feedback and assistance to other team members; providing guidance and instruction to assistant or trainee kitchen team members. Problem solving Anticipating problems that may arise with kitchen operational and service activities; mitigating problems by planning kitchen operational activities; identifying and clarifying the extent of problems; taking responsibility for solving operational and service issues; referring high-level problems to supervisors and participating in the solution; using discretion and judgment as well as predetermined policies and procedures to guide solutions to operational problems in the kitchen. Initiative and enterprise Identifying and suggesting ways to improve kitchen operations and service efficiency; generating and suggesting ideas for new or improved recipes and food items. Planning and organizing Collecting, analyzing and organizing food preparation lists, recipes, and procedural information to efficiently plan the production of food items; collecting and analyzing information to meet the specific needs of the customer group; setting timelines, organizing own work flow to produce food items to meet operational, customer requirements and service standards of the business; adjusting timelines and pacing food production throughout the food production period to meet changing operational requirements. Self-management Understanding and following policies and procedures for legal compliance; organizing own work priorities for the food production period; taking responsibility for own job role in servicing the customer and for resolving operational problems in the kitchen; thinking about own work performance and seeking feedback and guidance on success in cooking activities. Learning Knowing own product knowledge and cooking skill strengths and weaknesses, being aware of opportunities to learn and participating in cooking professional development activities; seeking and sharing information with colleagues on new food trends, products, services and suppliers; coaching others in job skills. Technology Understanding the operating capability of, selecting and using kitchen tools and equipment, computer systems, software and information systems that assist in cooking activities; selecting and using the right personal protective equipment to manage personal safety in the kitchen.  B. Theories actually seen in practice OJT training is one method by which a student is given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing actual work setting. Which in effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about her or heâ⠂¬â„¢s chosen field and practice what was learned from school. What is it in the deal world of industry, to feel how the employees feel on work? Last, November -2013 I started my OJT training Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel Restaurant Fortunately, I was assigned at the banqueting department on that its Christmas day. I have observe the daily activities and practices that the workers and employees must comply with. I was assigned to the banqueting department. And at the same time on the dishwasher. My training supervisor, Ma’am Melanie- who happened to be the -. Was the one that supervises me on their daily routine? At the same time provides all the necessary helpful stuff like my carrying tables, chairs, foods and other important things which I deliver on to her. Every morning, they had their mustering or meeting. Since the she had already their assigned department they were reminded and monitored on their daily itinerary. They also discuss all about what they must do on that day. I learned that attendance monitoring of the employee of Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel Restaurant Has two way sources, first was getting the record from the club ethniko ; an automated devised that employee used as to input their DTR sheet, then the machine or system processed to record the data. A machine wherein only authorized personnel can use to access. Aside from that, daily-time-record (DTR) that tract one’s employee for example the time, date, and day to day have worked within period of time. For the benefits of the following: For the business to monitored the employee daily record. Energy efficient. Improves and encourage employee efficiency. Since I was assigned to the banqueting department, my supervisor assigned me to Deliver foods to the guest and make sure I take proper catering operation to sure our guest satisfied their needs December -2013 Thursday, fellow interns seems tired or never showed cause its Christmas vacation but me even am tired still there I was a challenged on me, because there are times that I thought I might get sick. And I might get absent on my on-the-job duty. As a trainee or an intern, I have lots of duties or responsibilities to do on my assigned department. I was able to help the regular employee even in the kitchen. December 31 2013 Tuesday I Ask Ma’am Melanie to have other work to do but she told me about my (DTR) cause have finally almost 200 hours working a lot. Was surprised to the news then I immediately go to work and finished all necessary work that ask to do then 2: pm in the afternoon then that’s it my work is finished. C. Feedback that can be given to the company or institution

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Heart Of Darkness (1235 words) Essay Example For Students

Heart Of Darkness (1235 words) Essay Heart Of DarknessSetting: The author placed the novel’s setting on a stream boat on a river near London. The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest (1). Then the narrator tells his story in a flash back which he tells about Marlow’s experiences in the African jungle specifically on the Congo river. The majority of the story is told in flash back about the voyage in to the heart of darkness. Characters: The central character is obviously Marlow. He is a man of modesty and courage, which are not stereotypical traits of a sailor which he has become. The book focuses morally on his personal character and then describes to the norm of the rest of the world. The character that Marlow becomes obsessed with later is Kurtz. He is a mysterious dark man who made money trading ivory down the Congo river. In the interior you will no doubt meet Mr. Kurtz. On my asking who Mr. Kurtz was, he said he was a first-class agent (85) here Marlow is talking to a captain and first finds out about Kurtz. Later he finds out that he transports ivory. Among other insignificant characters on the boat deck of the Nellli were a lawyer and an accountant. Their role seemed as only to be and audience to Marlow and the other unnamed narrator. Point of View: The point of view is from Marlow, but the tale is told from a nameless observer. This is the reason why the novel is in third person, and Marlow’s is refereed to also in third person. Marlow sat cross-legged right aft, leaning against the mizzenmast. He had sunken cheeks, a yellow complexion, a straight back, an ascetic aspect, and, with his arms dropped, the palms of hands outwards, resembled an idol. (69) Also the previous quote shows a honest virtue by being compared to as someone to look up to. Action: The story begins with Marlow and four other characters on a boat in the Thames river. The story line then goes into a flashback, and tells Marlow’s story of his adventures in the Congo. He has a connection to become a steam boat captain, but when he arrives at the first station he finds out that his boat is at the bottom of the river. Also Marlow has to rise the boat and repair it with inferior tools. That, and the repairs when I brought the pieces to the station, took some months (79). For it to take so long it must have been second rate help and labor. Marlow secretly hears about a man names Kurtz and become interested in him. He wanted to know about how he became such a good successful ivory trader. One day the boat was traveling down the river and they were attacked by natives. e, became instantly the prey of an abject funk, and would let that cripple of a steamboat (106). Finally they arrive at the inner station, where a Russian speaks of the ! illness that Kurtz has. Then the sicken Kurtz is brought on the boat. The Russian suggest that Kurtz be taken away from the village. Kurtz had strange taste in personal wants. Marlow suggests that Kurtz was warped by the jungle and would account for the heads on top of post, his lust for blood, and the raiding parties on other villages. The Russian then takes a rifle and disappears into the jungle. Now that the Russian is gone, the boat starts its way back up the river. The natives gather and the men open fire, after Marlow blows the whistle to scare them off. Kurtz later talks to Marlow and confides in him. Kurtz believes he will be dying soon. Marlow attempts to soothe him, but he is unchanged. .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 , .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .postImageUrl , .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 , .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1:hover , .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1:visited , .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1:active { border:0!important; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1:active , .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1 .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u704fb73335fa5405dd62b342778a52e1:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Genetics Essay That night Kurtz dies. Suddenly the managers boy put his insolent black head in the doorway, and said in a tone of scathing contempt: Mistah Kurtz he dead. Feeling the way Marlow did he went to Kurtz’s wife to be and told her the news. She was astonished and as Marlow said his last words, the story went back to the boat and Marlow was meditating like a Buddha. Marlow ceased, and sat apart, indistinct and silent, in the pose of a meditating Buddha (157). Style: The Heart of Darkness looks deeply into the mist of man’s soul. Conrad’s depth suggests that he was telling society about today’s problems with peoples true feelings. Furthermore Conrad makes to opposing main forces, deception and honesty. Through the application of structure, tone, and symbolism Conrad explorers the dark interior of men. Heart of Darkness was divided into three sections. Each time a section started the scene was a boat deck. It was written as a narrative inside a narrative and the ‘jumping’ around from decade to decade and places reminds the reader that it still is a fiction novel. After was silent for a while (75) the novel is sharply interrupted and suddenly reverts back to the boat deck in the Thames river. The structure also added suspense to the novel by leaving the reader hanging at certain points then later coming back and explaining how they fit into the story later on. The dynamic tone of the entire book was extremely pessimistic as well as dark and cold. Dark human shapes could be made out in the distance, flitting indistinctly against the gloomy border of the forest (136). This quote clearly states the dark style of Conrad’s writing. More darkness is brought out in the first meeting of Kurtz and Marlow. Fence post spears with human heads rest in the yard (153).Kurtz passion for gore and other deviating tendencies reflects that no one can escape the savagery of the jungle. Symbolism plays a large role in the novel by placing two powerful forces against each other. The main symbols were Marlow and Kurtz who was a maverick and a savage beast that lived in the domain of the purely evil jungle. Marlow, then, represented a pure civilized soul who has not been drawn to the savagery by a dark, alienated jungle. Kurtz is also white man’s failure in Africa by not comforming to the standard believes and protocol. He did not tame the native. Another reoccurring term was the symbol of the pilgrim. A pilgrim was a native worker or a low life European who sailed on the African rivers. as the pilgrims were unloading the cargo, Marlow watched the river†¦(128). The name Kurtz has symbolic meaning in the German language as meaning non restrictive. Symbolism was the main aspect of the underlying meaning of the novel. Conrad motivation came from his personal experience of being a boat captain in Africa and seeing the horrors of it. But as he stayed they longer he realized the savage beast was present all over the so called civilized world. Theme: The darkness, the mysterious unknown, and opposing all progress were the major themes in the novel. According to Conrad, the will to give into the uncivilized man does not reside in Kurtz alone. Every man has inside himself a heart of darkness, but is drowned in a bath of light shed by the advent of civilization. Book Reports